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Genie House was founded by Lloyd Williams Sr. in 1967. His vision of building beautifully handcrafted lighting fixtures of the highest quality and attention to detail continues on today by his son, Lloyd Williams Jr.

Today Genie House is a much larger company than it was in 1967. With hundreds of distributors around the United States and Canada, our lighting fixtures continue to grace countless homes and businesses.

Every fixture that leaves our factories in New Jersey and Arizona are built using only hand tools and the imaginations of our skilled artisans. We have a lot of pride in the lights we make and we know that our customers feel the same way when they display them on their homes. That is why the craftsmanship of our fixtures is guaranteed for life.

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Genie House wants to exceed its customers’ expectations in beauty, quality and lifetime guarantee of its fixtures. We appreciate that Genie House is one of the many important and necessary links in a long chain of events that must take place in order to bring the building of your home, business, store front or community projects to a successful completion.  We will do our best to make that successful completion happen. 


Genie House wants to allow you to enjoy your project for many years to come.

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For generations, American craftsmen have plied their arts with pride, skill, and a dedication to a unique quality not found in mass-produced products.  And for generations, American families have shared that pride by gracing their homes with hand crafted one-of-a-kind works.


At Genie House, the pride continues. 

Using only hand tools, our skilled craftsmen have captured the character and variations that make each piece an individual reproduction

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Genie House fixtures are still "Made in America", keeping the integrity of American value in mind. 

Beauty and elegance are a trademark of our diverse line of fixtures that grace countless homes and establishments around the world. 

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