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Quality. Longevity. Customization.

As a showroom, you’re up against steep competition: the convenience and low pricing available online is tempting to customers that have come to expect two-day shipping, lightning deals, and shopping from the comfort of home. What do showrooms have to offer that Amazon, Wayfair, and other online vendors fall short on? 

When you promote quality-focused brands like the New Jersey-based Genie House, you give customers access to a catalog of classically designed and meticulously crafted products that e-retailer’s simply can’t compete with.


Why should your showroom focus on brands like Genie House?

Customization as a Selling Point

Customers often settle for a fixture that’s almost right – but offering them the opportunity to design a light that’s exactly what they desire is an option very few online retailers bring to the table. Genie House’s most-loved lines of lighting fixtures are made to order, and can be customized with several types of glass to align with any home design theme.

A fan favorite, the Gillman series can be “morphed” - allowing customers to change the dimensions to be shorter, taller, thinner, or wider.

In a world where customers must constantly make compromises and search for hours to find something that will fit - offering fixtures that put your customers back in control of their lighting choices can really help to set your showroom apart.

Building Trust with Quality Fixtures

A common misconception customers have is that high-quality fixtures are going to break the bank. In today’s fast-paced market, convincing your customers to skip over the quick and cheap option can be a challenge. Add to that the tight budgets faced by households worldwide and the ever-increasing speed of the trend cycle, and it can feel like an uphill climb at times to get your customers to buy-in when you’re offering hand-crafted, quality fixtures that last for years. 


One of the best ways to combat the sea of e-tailers hawking cheaply-made products is to build a reputation in the community as a business that never sells lemons, always gives trustworthy advice, and takes care of customers’ concerns the way we’d want our own to be handled. There’s not a big box store in the world that can replace the trust that’s built by focusing on quality, value, and customer service.


Genie House is a brand built on these same ideals. Made from solid copper and brass, their high-quality fixtures are specially treated to age naturally and develop a gorgeous patina. Customers want to know that their fixtures will stand the test of time, and look good doing it. When they buy Genie House, your customers can trust that they’re making a timeless, classic choice that will serve them well for years to come.


Genie House: A Lighting Solution for Every Customer

While hand-crafted, made-to-order lights are certainly an investment, Genie House offer

options in a range of price points to be accessible to a wider range of customers. The Jericho line, for example, offers a classic curved design at a mid-level price range, making it

accessible to a wide variety of clients. 


Along with its attractive price point, the Jericho line is a part of the Quick-Ship program, so customers can enjoy a custom-made piece in just 10–14 days. That’s right: a robust, made-to-order fixture in under two weeks! 


And because Genie House lights are built to last, your customers won’t be coming to you upset to replace a worn-out fixture. Instead, they’ll be referring their friends

and family to your showroom to get the

top-notch service and fixtures you provide.


If you’d like to learn more about how your showroom can benefit from Genie House fixtures, contact Debbie at

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